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In the area around Seiffen there are hardly any records of Christmas pyramids being made before 1850.

Many of the pieces, consisting of three to seven levels, which make up the wonderful collection in the Seiffen Toy Museum, were all made at a later date.

Some of them were not made until the last century and even those still in family possession cannot be dated any earlier.

Each of them was initially unique and had been made in the toy maker's family to decorate his own home during the Advent period.

The Erzgebirge pyramids were not made on a commercial basis until later, in the first decade of the twentieth century.

10562 58 cm 3 tier Nativity Pyramid £349.99

3 tier Nativity Pyramid Natural

088015 Ceiling Pyramid 63 cm £195.99

163 11 cm  Nativity T Light Pyramid £30.99

152/204 44 cm cm Holy Family £299.99

08551 P 32 cm Nativity Pyramid £92.99

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Christmas Dinner Table Setting

Christmas Pyramids: We have great Pyramids from some of the top makers in Germany. With a selection of at least 30 Christmas Pyramids always available in store and some suitable for all year round,we have something for everyone.

16251  18 cm Santa Tea light £47.99

* Tea lights in white

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